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Voice for Life Singing Awards

Bronze, Silver & Gold awards

In order to support the choir trainer and affirm the levels achieved within the choir while working on the Voice for Life training scheme, the RSCM provides a parallel system of awards designed to be assessed through a formal examination: these are called the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. (In some local RSCM Areas the Bronze and Silver Awards are called Dean’s and Bishop’s Awards.)

Each award has its own syllabus and regulations. These come complete with guidelines to fully prepare the candidate and the choir trainer for the standard expected during the examination.

Successful candidates are entitled to wear a prestigious medal cast in the appropriately coloured metal (bronze, silver or gold) and these are worn on distinctive ribbons. Bronze awards are worn with a Green ribbon, Silver awards with a Purple ribbon and the Gold award with a Dark Red ribbon.

Where do these awards fit into the Voice for Life scheme?

The Voice for Life scheme and the Bronze, Silver & Gold awards are designed to fit together. They should be attempted in the following order:

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
    • Bronze
  • Red
    • Silver
  • Yellow
    • Gold

In effect, the Voice for Life scheme provides training and preparation for the Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards; Light Blue and Dark Blue help a candidate prepare for their Bronze Award, Red level helps a candidate prepare for the Silver award, and Yellow level helps a candidate prepare for the Gold award.

Likewise, the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards affirm each of the Voice for Life levels that have been awarded informally by the choir trainer.

What if I have a singer who does not want to take the external (Bronze, Silver and Gold) awards?

This is no problem. The Voice for Life training scheme can be used on its own to provide training and motivation to singers within a choir. There is no need to take the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards if your singer is unhappy about undertaking such formal assessments.

Where can I obtain the syllabus for the Bronze, Silver or Gold awards?

In the UK, the Bronze and Silver awards are administered and examined on a local basis by a voluntary network of RSCM committees.From Easter 2014 one uniform syllabus is in force. All examiners for the Bronze and Silver awards have been validated by the RSCM to ensure consistency of marking.

Make sure you download a copy of the syllabus and repertoire lists before entering.

Gold award

In the UK, the Gold award is administered centrally by the RSCM. The examinations are arranged for June and November each year with entry deadlines of 1 May and 1 October respectively. Details of examination venues, and other information can be found here.

For details of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards outside the UK, please contact the RSCM on +44 (0)1722 424843 or voiceforlife(at)

Who should I contact if I have any further questions about Voice for Life or the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards?

Further advice and information can be obtained from the Administrator, Education programmes:
T: +44 (0)1722 424843, F 01722 424849, E: voiceforlife(at)

Frequently-asked questions about Bronze and Silver awards

Candidates for Bronze and Silver awards should find answers to most of their questions here:

Help for Silver award candidates with Section E of the examination

Those preparing for the Silver award may find this helpful:

Results of the latest RSCM validated singing award examinations

Congratulations to all the successful candidates! These results are published in the September 2015 edition of Church Music Quarterly.

These results are listed alphabetically under RSCM Areas and Countries. 
(F) = RSCM Friend, (IM) = Individual Member, (S) = Student member.

♦ Honours 90%+ (Gold)
** Highly commended 85%+ and
* Commended 75%+ (Bronze/Silver)

Birmingham: Létitia Treacy (Harborne, SS Faith & Laurence), Harrison Morton-Deaville (Solihull, St Alphege). Cumbria: Tamsin Jones♦ (Carlisle Cathedral). Dyfed: Alice Silverstone (St David's Cathedral). Guildford: Stella Buhalis♦, Hannah Dienes-Williams♦ (Guildford Cathedral). Lancashire: Jacob Smith (Broughton PC). London: Margaret Hobbs, Katie Weddell (Oakwood, St Thomas). N&E Yorkshire: James Nash (Guisborough, St Nicholas). Oxford: Jane Whitfield (Henley, St Mary Virgin). Peterborough & Northampton: Susan Fincham, Alan Matthias, Annamarie Schooling, Sorcha Startin (Higham Ferrers, St Mary Virgin), Lufuno Ndou♦ (Northampton, St Matthew), Philip Riley♦ (Uppingham PC), Helen Murphy (Wellingborough, Our Lady). Sheffield & S Yorkshire: Dominic Dakin (Ranmoor, St John). Southwark & E Surrey: Lizzie Walters (Redhill, St John Evangelist), Laura Weeks (Sanderstead, St Mary). Southwell & Notts: Tristan Green (Wollaton, St Leonard). Sussex: Arielle Jasiewicz-Gill, Elise Jasiewicz-Gill, Alicia Miles, Elinor Miles, Charlotte Thorkildsen, Lars Thorkildsen (Bexhill, St Peter), William Carter (Hurstpierpoint, Holy Trinity). Swansea & Brecon: Anneliese Pickard (Oystermouth, All Saints).

Birmingham: Daniel Blackledge**, Ben Cusack**, Lenaee Hamilton** (Harborne, SS Faith & Laurence), John Rutledge* (Lapworth, St Mary), Rachel Barwell*, Mei-Ling Rhodes** (Moseley, St Mary), Darcy Humphries*, Lily Pulsford*, Matthew Skaria* (Solihull, St Alphege). Coventry: Timothy Banks (Bilton, St Mark). Cumbria: Dennis Atkinson, Martin Atkinson*, Molly Bradley, Charlie Butcher, Jessica Evans, Charlotte Thomson**, Matthew Warwick** (Carlisle Cathedral). Durham: Faith-Sarah Benson (Peterlee, St Cuthbert), Jessica Hawkins (S), Laura Toomey (Stockton-on-Tees, St Peter). Ely: Nadine Santus** (Gt Gransden, St Bartholomew & Lt Gransden), Rebecca Peacock* (IM). Essex & E London: Tobias Carlton*, Alastair Cowley*, Jack Reason**, Samuel Simpson* (Brentwood Cathedral), Rebecca Minta** (Chelmsford Cathedral), Alexander Theodorou** (Epping, St John). Ireland: Daniel Bisset**, Niamh Barrett, Aengus Gilligan* (Dublin, St Mary's Pro-Cathedral). Lancashire: James Bettess*, Finlay Walsh** (Broughton PC). Leicester: Sebastian Carrington** (Leicester, St James the Greater). Lichfield: Holly Anderson*, Thomas Frith*, Jed Hathaway*, Samuel Reynolds, Olivia Yates* (Wolverhampton, St Peter). Lincoln: Nojus Kuprys*, Amy Moore* (Grantham, St Wulfram), Krimgsley De Almeida Via**, Jack Felts, Peter Hancox, Tom Hannam, Sam Jarvis, Luke Muxlow**, Travis Tomlinson* (Spalding, SS Mary & Nicolas). Liverpool: Sarah Reed** (Formby, St Peter). Norfolk: Molly Stanners Putland* (Norwich, St Peter Mancroft), Ruth Batchelor, Margaret Colston*, Constance Tyce*, Jasmine Winter** (Sheringham, St Peter). Ripon & Leeds: Luke Knott (Goldsborough, St Mary), Brandon Hancock*, Imogen Lang**, Anna Liptrott, Alice Spencer** (Knaresborough, St John Baptist). St Albans: Ian Lawrence** (Bushey, St James), Lucy Sharman* (Leighton Buzzard, All Saints), Emily Price** (St Albans Abbey). Southwark & E Surrey: Emily Guest*, Caroline Smillie**, Jack Smillie (Cheam, St Dunstan), Alaric Belmain* (Lee, St Margaret), Dylan Tuveri* (Merton, St James), Sophie McElderry**, Tristan McElderry** (Merton, St Mary), Sophie Booth* (Redhill, St John Evangelist). Somerset: Val Bond, Heather Jenne** (Long Ashton, All Saints). Wakefield: Ruth Carter*, Niamh Corney*, Lydia Preston (Pontefract, St Giles), Daniel Fullalove*, Akhilesh Gairola**, Hillary Kent*, Sam Meredith**, Phoebe Muir** (Wakefield Cathedral). Worcestershire: Sarah Maxfield-Phillips (Malvern Priory), Edward Cosson, Nathanael Newitt (Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir).

Birmingham: Emma Wilson (Kings Norton, St Nicolas), Jeremy Maclean, Sebastian Watkins (Moseley, St Mary), Rachel Baumber*, Chloe Lane*, Mark Pratt*, Katherine Rawlings-Smith*, Jacob Taylor, Kyra Yeomans (Solihull, St Alphege). Cumbria: Eli Crook*, Beth Robinson (Carlisle Cathedral). Ely: Theo Ball** (Cambridge, St John Evangelist), Emily Santus, Rachel Walker* (Gt Gransden, St Bartholomew & Lt Gransden), Tom Muncey, Mia Toulson, Verity Wilson (Sutton, St Andrew). Essex & E London: Alonso Gracia-Martin**, Henry Man** (Brentwood Cathedral). Lancashire: Jacob Egan*, James Jones*, Dominic Roberts* (Broughton PC). Lichfield: Kimberley Burgess**, Megan Burgess* (Oswestry, St Oswald), James Phillips, Hazel Spencer, Marlow Telling* (Wolverhampton, St Peter). Lincoln: Samuel Davie**, Mindaugas Kuprys (Grantham, St Wulfram), Deborah Cousland*, Christine Newby (Helpringham, St Andrew), Lilly Gurbutt* (Louth, St James), Peter Blackshaw*, Tiago Dourado*, Jude Padoan* (Spalding, SS Mary & Nicolas). Norfolk: Jack Cummings, Aidan Rengert*, Matthew Rengert* (North Walsham, St Nicholas), Louise Bye* (Norwich, St Peter Mancroft), Maurice Clements, Gerald Fisher*, Martin Nockels**, Jasmine Pearce* (Sheringham, St Peter). Ripon & Leeds: Hannah Cole, Emilia Kontominas*, Poppy Logan (Bilton, St John Evangelist), Sophie Baker, Owen Grant (Harrogate, Christ Church), Aurelia Stoddart** (Headingley, St Michael & All Angels), Grace Curry** (Pannal, St Robert). St Albans: Sophie Armstrong*, Harriet Beadle, Emma Grego, Daisy Groet, Ismay Hornshaw**, Harriet Walker (Gt Berkhamsted, St Peter), Gina Abbatt**, Max Abbatt** (Hitchin, St Mary), Allie Snailham**, Lucy Walton* (St Albans Abbey), Imogen de Csilléry*, Jo Farr, Rosanna Milner** (St Albans, St Michael), Caius Datt**, Jasper James**, Liam MacGovern*, Patricia Sollis (St Albans, St Peter). Southwark & E Surrey: Benedict Williams** (Belmont, St John Baptist), Ellen Roxby* (East Dulwich, St John Evangelist), Alex Mansfield** (Lee, Good Shepherd), Min Jung*, James Relf*, Maddy Wood (Malden, St James), Joss Coyle (Merton, St Mary), Adam Field* (Oxted, St Mary), Ellie Booth*, Jacob McCormack* (Redhill, St John Evangelist), Marion Lee**, Caroline Lester* (Shooters Hill, Christ Church). Wakefield: James Stephenson* (New Mill, Christ Church), Harry Monoghan*, Arran O’Brien, Charlie Trueman (North Elmsall, St Margaret), Theo Biddle, Verity Corney (Pontefract, St Giles), Joel Crabtree**, Holly Fleming**, Charlie Piper** (Wakefield Cathedral). Wessex: Benjamyn Mathias (Amesbury Abbey), Eliana Covell** (Parkstone, St Peter), Shirley Mahoney** (Salisbury, St Thomas), Sam Berry, Alan Flechon**, Jacob Mallabone*, Fabian Mercer* (Sherborne Abbey).