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Voice for Life Singing Awards

Bronze, Silver & Gold awards

In order to support the choir trainer and affirm the levels achieved within the choir while working on the Voice for Life training scheme, the RSCM provides a parallel system of awards designed to be assessed through a formal examination: these are called the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. (In some local RSCM Areas the Bronze and Silver Awards are called Dean’s and Bishop’s Awards.)

Each award has its own syllabus and regulations. These come complete with guidelines to fully prepare the candidate and the choir trainer for the standard expected during the examination.

Successful candidates are entitled to wear a prestigious medal cast in the appropriately coloured metal (bronze, silver or gold) and these are worn on distinctive ribbons. Bronze awards are worn with a Green ribbon, Silver awards with a Purple ribbon and the Gold award with a Dark Red ribbon.

Where do these awards fit into the Voice for Life scheme?

The Voice for Life scheme and the Bronze, Silver & Gold awards are designed to fit together. They should be attempted in the following order:

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
    • Bronze
  • Red
    • Silver
  • Yellow
    • Gold

In effect, the Voice for Life scheme provides training and preparation for the Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards; Light Blue and Dark Blue help a candidate prepare for their Bronze Award, Red level helps a candidate prepare for the Silver award, and Yellow level helps a candidate prepare for the Gold award.

Likewise, the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards affirm each of the Voice for Life levels that have been awarded informally by the choir trainer.

What if I have a singer who does not want to take the external (Bronze, Silver and Gold) awards?

This is no problem. The Voice for Life training scheme can be used on its own to provide training and motivation to singers within a choir. There is no need to take the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards if your singer is unhappy about undertaking such formal assessments.

Where can I obtain the syllabus for the Bronze, Silver or Gold awards?

In the UK, the Bronze and Silver awards are administered and examined on a local basis by a voluntary network of RSCM committees.From Easter 2014 one uniform syllabus is in force. All examiners for the Bronze and Silver awards have been validated by the RSCM to ensure consistency of marking.

Make sure you download a copy of the syllabus and repertoire lists before entering.

Gold award

In the UK, the Gold award is administered centrally by the RSCM. The examinations are arranged for June and November each year with entry deadlines of 1 May and 1 October respectively. Details of examination venues, and other information can be found here.

For details of Bronze, Silver and Gold awards outside the UK, please contact the RSCM on +44 (0)1722 424843 or voiceforlife(at)

Who should I contact if I have any further questions about Voice for Life or the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards?

Further advice and information can be obtained from the Administrator, Education programmes:
T: +44 (0)1722 424843, F 01722 424849, E: voiceforlife(at)

Frequently-asked questions about Bronze and Silver awards

Candidates for Bronze and Silver awards should find answers to most of their questions here:

Help for Silver award candidates with Section E of the examination

Those preparing for the Silver award may find this helpful:

Results of the latest RSCM validated singing award examinations

Congratulations to all the successful candidates! These results are published in the March 2015 edition of Church Music Quarterly.

These results are listed alphabetically under RSCM Areas and Countries. 
(F) = RSCM Friend, (IM) = Individual Member, (S) = Student member.

♦ Honours 90%+ (Gold)
** Highly commended 85%+ and
* Commended 75%+ (Bronze/Silver)

Canterbury: Annie Savage, Emily Smith (Bearsted, Holy Cross). Birmingham: Samuel Hodkinson (Solihull, St Alphege). Bristol & Swindon: Isabella MacDonald (Westbury-on-Trym, St Mary). Derbyshire: Amy Larcombe, Emma Mulvany (Derby Cathedral). Essex & E London: Alexander Carter (Brentwood, St Thomas of Canterbury). Ireland: Isabelle McGeough (Dublin, St Bartholomew). Lancashire: Oliver Fulwell♦ (Blackburn Cathedral). Lichfield: Kirsten Flanagan (Stafford, St Mary). Lincoln: David Whitworth♦, Rebecca Williams (Waltham, All Saints). London: Celia Gould♦ (Pinner PC). St Albans: Jeremy Fisher (Boxmoor, St John), Hayden Elves♦ (Eaton Bray, St Mary Virgin). Southwark & E Surrey: Callum Hawker♦ (Tadworth, Good Shepherd). Southwell & Notts: Sarah Norris (Wollaton, St Leonard). Wessex: Caroline Schwarting (Salisbury, St Thomas).  

Birmingham: Harrison Morton-Deaville* (Solihull, St Alphege). Derbyshire: Alexander Kirkland* (Chesterfield PC), Louis Fayers, Teddy Fluck*, Calum Gilbert (Derby Cathedral), Ruth Taylor (Matlock, St Giles). Essex & E London: Alex Evans*, Elizabeth Moore*, Rebecca Sharp (Brentwood, St Thomas of Canterbury), Melech Henderson*, Monty Kerr (Chingford PC), Orin Daniel (S). Gloucestershire: Dennis Toomer* (Lechlade, St Lawrence), Evie Guyll (Winchcombe, St Peter). Guildford: Ana Cooke**, Jasmine Goffe, Charlotte Hutton**, Daisy Mardel*, Natasha Wiskin* (Farnham, St Thomas-on-the-Bourne), Vicky Morgan** (Gt Bookham, St Nicolas), Maddie McConnell* (Guildford Cathedral), Maddy Bruff** (West Byfleet, St John). Ireland: Daniel Coady, Mark Connor, Niamh Corcoran*, Páidí Kinlay, Lily Magahy*, Aisling Wright (Dublin, St Bartholomew), Lauren Hannon** (Limerick, St Mary’s Cathedral). Lancashire: Lee Felipes, Luke Felipes, Elizabeth Fielding*, Matthew Howard*, Madeline Noblett**, Annabelle Parkinson**, Rebecca Pratt*, Sebastian Roberts**, Clara Slater**, Zak Tayler*, Eleanor Tomlin** (Blackburn Cathedral), Pip Alpin**, Olivia Hellewell*, Rhian Burford Hothersall** (Warton, St Oswald). London: Alexander Saikia* (Hampstead PC), Harriet Clifford-Varley*, Monika Clifford-Varley** (Harrow on the Hill, St Mary), Lucy Cooper* (Pinner PC). Oxford: Jonathan Davis*, Beatrice Law** (Aylesbury, St Mary), Lily Shanagher* (Rotherfield Peppard, All Saints), Jerry Bucklow* (Wallingford, St Mary-le-More). Rochester: Elizabeth Cook** (Aylesford, SS Peter & Paul). St Albans: Olivia Beadle* (Gt Berkhamsted, St Peter), Georgina Harris* (St Albans, St Peter). Sussex: Olivia Piper** (Crowborough, All Saints), Billy Crook**, John Welch* (Horsham, St Mary Virgin), Louise Weeks (West Tarring, St Andrew). Wakefield: Sam Kerner (North Elmsall, St Margaret). Wessex: Jessie Beauchamp, Kylie Hutchings*, Leah Slinger*, Ann Tyson** (Parkstone, St Peter), Emma Knowles (Salisbury, St Thomas). Winchester: Carolyn Taylor* (Bournemouth, St John Baptist), Katie Jayne Kirk* (Bournemouth, St Peter), Tabitha Burbidge, Helena Mole*, Aoife Scully, Ruth Sellin* (Romsey Abbey). Worcestershire: Joel Pagett (Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir).

Birmingham: Amber Lyttle*, Isaac Robinson* (Harborne, SS Faith & Laurence), Ramneek Bhogal*, Matthew Skaria*, Alex Woodward (Solihull, St Alphege). Coventry: Isabel Barker (Lillington, St Mary Magdalene). Derbyshire: Thomas Morton* (Barlborough, St James), Joshua Allen, Anton Causey*, Adam Emerson*, Joshua Preston (Chesterfield PC), Alex Archer-Dyer*, Phoebe Boateng*, Maria Lotus*, Madeleine Newbury* (Derby Cathedral). Essex & E London: Julian Charnier, Alastair Cowley**, Sophia Cracknell*, Julianne Punwani*, Luc Riches*, Luke Simpson* (Brentwood Cathedral), Zoya Laryea**, Harrison Oxley* (Brentwood, St Thomas of Canterbury), Zoe Anusi*, Alice Easey*, Arthur Easey*, Caroline Easey, Charlotte Erics, Scarlett Rayney, James Rogers, Georgina Stapeley (Chingford PC), Ellenor Chaplin**, Anthony Hickling**, Isabella Westlake** (Maldon, St Mary). Hereford: Ashleigh Court, Aimee Jones (Shifnal, St Andrew). Ireland: Sarah Cairney, Eleanor Hartnett*, Emma Lohan*, Paris Moran, Anna Nakonechna*, Aisling Spratt (Dublin, St Bartholomew), Laura Howes**, Saoirse Kennedy** (Limerick, St Mary’s Cathedral). Gloucestershire: Michael Ward**, Mary Williams* (Lechlade, St Lawrence). Guildford: Molly Beere**, Millie Bysh**, Izzy Edwards*, April West* (Farnham, St Thomas-on-the-Bourne), Amy Chau*, Amanda Hiley (Guildford Cathedral). Lancashire: Isabelle Barnes, Harrison Chick*, Joseph Dearden, Olivia Grady*, Sarah Hunt*, William Keeling (Blackburn Cathedral), James Bettess*, Joshua Dryland, Ben Hodson* (Broughton PC), Bridget Higginson* (Clayton Le Moors, All Saints). Lichfield: Sam Horton** (Betley, St Margaret), Jack Berry, Sam Hardy, Etienne Hurley, Ewan McDonald, Sam Williams* (Wolverhampton, St Peter). London: Rosalind Davison*, Angharad Wightwick, Lucas Wood (Finchley, St Mary), Sebastian Clifford-Varley**, Katie Hurley, Eleanor Jones-Ford* (Harrow on the Hill, St Mary), Abigail Peel, Luke Reid* (Oakwood, St Thomas), Emily Quillin**, Kate Quillin** (Pinner PC), Pamela Burchell* (Ruislip, St Martin), Joan Greening* (Whitton, St Augustine). New Zealand: Anne Amber*, Ben Watts** (Nelson Cathedral). Oxford: Lesley Vincent** (Aylesbury, St Mary), David Atkinson, Linda Atkinson*, Sheila Barker, David Bedser, Emily Devine*, Janice Devine**, Sarah Dunn, Emily Jenkins**, Jennifer Jenkins**, Tracey Malins, David Moore, Louise Rance*, Lydia Shaw**, Andrew Witting**, Judith Witting (Finchampstead, St James), Jamie Allport, Freddy Chelsom* (Oxford, St Giles), Emma Cross**, Georgina Eccleston*, Sophie Fuchs* (Wallingford, St Mary-le-More), Rachel Loch* (Winslow, St Laurence). NW Europe: Jacob Day*, Jonathan Day*, David Tank (Brussels, Holy Trinity). Rochester: Rachael Hynard* (East Malling, St James the Great), David Smith, Helen Smith* (Erith, St John Baptist), Megan Biggerstaff**, Miranda Buser**, Cecily Graham** (Rusthall, St Paul). St Albans: Kath Unwin** (Bedford, St Paul), William Fitzsimmons (Dunstable Priory), Maryke Cooper* (Sharnbrook, St Peter). Somerset: Edward MacGeoch (Glastonbury, St John). Sussex: Roger Lintott* (Horsham, St Mary Virgin), Adam Browse**, Mark Browse** (Warnham, St Margaret), David Billam**, Jennifer Billam**, Fenella Holmes** (Wivelsfield, SS Peter & John). Wessex: Colin Fricker**, Joy Guthrie-Andrews (Salisbury, St Thomas). Winchester: Mary Apperley**, Tristan Apperley*, Sheila McAllister*, Michael Nicholas*, Bernard Perry* (Bournemouth, St John Baptist), Thomas Gubbins (Bournemouth, St Peter), Emily Copus*, Elizabeth Fletcher*, Chloe Jenvey* (Romsey Abbey). Worcestershire: Katie Harding* (Halesowen, St John), Edward Cosson, Nathanael Newitt (Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir).