RSCM around the world

The RSCM is an international organisation with membership in much of the English-speaking world. The Areas and Branches listed below organise events and courses to which all members are welcome to apply.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Details of the Areas (and the events they organise) in the UK and Ireland can be found here.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USA

About 20 per cent of the RSCM membership is based outside the UK and Ireland. The largest concentrations of membership are in the USA and Australia, and there is significant membership in Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. These countries each have a national body to meet the needs of their local resources and denominations.

The following links will take you to the websites of these Branches giving more details of the RSCM’s work and structure in their respective locations. Membership enquiries in these countries should be made through the appropriate Branch.
New Zealand
South Africa

Ireland, North-West Europe and France

Membership for these areas is administered centrally in the UK, and events are arranged locally. Membership details can be found here.

North-West Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg)