“Congratulations on producing such a helpful course” commends the Diocesan Bishop in Europe

“Congratulations on producing such a helpful course” commends the Diocesan Bishop in Europe

We are delighted with the positive feedback we have received, so far, about our new resource, in partnership with Praxis,  Inspiring Music in Worship:  A Short Course of Guided Conversations for Churches.

Inspiring Music in Worship is a pioneering publication that recognises the importance of worship at the heart of Christian discipleship and that aims to inspire and encourage worship in churches of all traditions, styles and denominations. Helen Bent, author, priest and musician, explains that the inspiration behind her book came from the wants and needs of worshipers and church leaders that she met across the country:

“As Head of Ministerial Training, I have visited many areas across England and beyond. I have spent time carefully listening to those offering training, to church leaders, parish musicians and worshippers, and to those outside the church. The same issues and questions have come up time after time. This short course is a direct response to those questions and requests”.

The material has been trialled in a variety of urban and rural churches,  and we have found that guided conversations work! The book’s content is the result of a great deal of careful consideration and reflection on behalf of its author and indeed all those involved in its creation.

Inspiring Music in Worship has already received many indorsements. The Right Reverend Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, commended it by saying,

“Music and worship go together. It matters that both inspire. Inspiring Music in Worship is a great resource that is both practical and high quality to help the local church make the most of its music and musicians in worship”.

Most recently, The Right Reverend Doctor Robert Innes, Diocesan Bishop in Europe, commented: “I think this is an excellent resource and I am delighted to commend it. Congratulations to the RSCM on producing such a helpful course”.

The Archbishop of York, who wrote the foreword to the book, also commented “I hope that Inspiring Music in Worship does indeed help people within the church to deepen their understanding of worship and the use of music in worship.”

We are delighted that Inspiring Music in Worship is helping so many churches and communities both nationally and internationally.

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