Learning from Celtic traditions

CMQ_June15_coverLearning from Celtic traditions: audio clips and links

We hope that these links will be of help and interest to supplement the feature articles in the June 2015 edition of CMQ, ‘Learning from Celtic traditions’.

Please note that the RSCM accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites and has no influence over the quality of the recordings here. These links are purely to give an impression of the music discussed in the June edition of CMQ and are not intended as recommendations.

The Conundrum of Celtic Christian Music by John Bell (pp6–10)

Example 8: St Anne’s Mass (music: James MacMillan) – not available online

Other music mentioned in this article:

Highland and Island: The tradition of Gaelic psalm singing by Morag MacLeod (pp11–13)

Revival and Renewal? The Welsh Tradition by Rhidian Griffiths (pp 17–18)

  • Rhuddlan (click on ‘MIDI’ file in LH column)
  • Llanfair (click on ‘MIDI’ file in LH column)
  • St Denio (click on ‘MIDI’ file in LH column)

A Derbyshire Organ Pilgrimage by Peter Gould (p26)

Truth and Beauty: an interview with James MacMillan (pp28–30)

Stepping into Eternity: a composer’s perspective on Celtic spirituality by Margaret Rizza (p33)

Margaret Rizza’s music has been published by:

Various audio samples are available on her website at www.margaretrizza.com

Hymn meditation: St Patrick’s Breastplate (pp34–36)