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Are you involved in planning music for worship?

The RSCM’s Sunday by Sunday magazine is a comprehensive resource with all that you need to choose the right music for your church, week by week.

You can download a selection of resources from Sunday by Sunday free below.

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Accompanying worship songs on the organ

In Issue 80 we published an article on accompanying worship songs on the organ. This article can now be read online. Some of the material originated as an article in Organists’ Review and we acknowledge their permission in making this article available:

Accompanying worship songs on the organ by Jonathan Robinson and Tom Bell

Liturgy resources

Advent Wreath
Ascension (updated February 2012)
Baptism and confirmation services (added March 2012)
Bible Sunday (updated 3 June 2011)
Celebrating the Saints (updated July 2011)
Christingle (updated June 2013)
Christmas carol service (added June 2009)
Compline services (added September 2015)
Dedication Festival (added March 2010)
Easter Vigil (updated November 2013)
Funerals, Memorial Services, All Souls (updated June 2013)
Harvest thanksgiving including ‘A Time for God’s Creation’ (revised January 2013)
Justice, freedom and liberty marking Magna Carta 800 (added February 2015)
Michael and All Angels (added June 2013)
Mothering Sunday (updated February 2012)
Music for World War I commemoration and Remembrance Sunday (added July 2014)
Music in honour of the Virgin Mary (added April 2010)
Music on Eucharistic themes (updated November 2013)
Music Sunday (added February 2010)
Praying for Peace – Dona Nobis Pacem (updated June 2011)
Order of service for Remembrance Sunday from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (added 2005)
Weddings (added September 2010)
Week of prayer for Christian Unity (updated November 2016)


Celebrating Holy Week (Ian Forrester – revised by Peter Moger, March 2017)
Harvest Festivals (Peter Moger – revised September 2012)
Organ music for manuals only (John Henderson – revised June 2011)
Services through Advent and Christmas (Gill Ambrose)
Worship during Lent (David Kennedy – February 2009)


List of abbreviations as used in Sunday by Sunday (updated November 2016)
Finding your way around Sunday by Sunday (added March 2014)

Back issues

Video: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – how to make it work at weddings

Malcolm Archer provided an organ lesson in Issue 76 on how an organist can successfully play Handel’s The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba as a wedding processional. Malcolm has recorded a short accompanying video showing how to adapt the piece for a wedding.

Video: Linking songs – why and how

Sam and Sara Hargreaves wrote for us in Issue 75 about why and how to link songs together in a flow of worship. They have provided this helpful accompanying video which demonstrates the principles explained in their article.

Tenebrae services

In Issue 71 James Steven contributed an article on Tenebrae services. The following service outline may be downloaded and adapted for local use:
Download order of service
Download table of readings (synoptic Gospels)
Plainsong settings of the psalms in the service above are provided in the following booklet: Download psalm settings

Making the most of your choir

In Issue 56 we included an article by Jon Payne on ‘Making the most of your choir’, illustrated by some examples from the hymn ‘When Miriam’s daughters rise and sing’ by John Barnard and Janet Wootton. The extended examples may be downloaded below.
Download the treble/bass structure
Download the full harmonization

‘Purify my heart’ by Brian Doerksen

In Issue 54 Richard Hubbard discussed the well-known worship song ‘Purify my heart’. The full arrangement for choir, organ and instruments, supplementing the article, is no longer available for download from this website for copyright reasons, as the permitted time period has expired. However, please contact us at if you would like information about how to obtain the arrangement. ‘Purify my heart’ has words and music by Brian Doerksen © 1990 Vineyard Songs & ION Publishing (admin. by Song Solutions CopyCare) and may not be photocopied.

Psalm 150 – A Psalm for Music Sunday

Issue 52 featured a new setting of Psalm 150 by David Ogden, suitable for use on Music Sunday. Instrumental parts and a full score are available to download below. Visit our Music Sunday page to find further resources for planning a Music Sunday service or event.


Musical example

As featured in Sunday by Sunday Issue 50, you can view sample pages of ‘God of hope and Lord of healing’ below. The full music, including instrumental parts, is available for purchase from RSCM Music Direct.
Download sample pages of God of hope and Lord of healing by Margaret Rizza with words by Christopher Idle
Purchase God of hope and Lord of healing from online shop