Register For This Site

Why register?

Registered users have access to more resources, based on their relationship with the RSCM. For example, users who are  RSCM affiliates will have access to resources for affilliates; while RSCM committee members will have access to material aimed specifically at them.

Who can register?

Anyone can register; but if you don’t have a relationship with the RSCM (for example affiliate, member, committee member, examiner) you won’t see anything extra.

What username and email address should I use?

Whatever you want! It will make it easier to get your extra resources if you use the email address we’ve got for you on our membership database, but it’s not vital.

We’ll email you a password – so you’ll need access to the email address you give us.

Will I see the extra pages straight away?

No. There’s an additional step to link your account on here to your RSCM record. After you’ve created your account, go to your profile page to set up the link.