RSCM Voices (South)

The RSCM Voices (South) choir evolved from Southern Cathedral Singers, and sings services and concerts and undertakes training and learning opportunities to a very high musical standard in cathedrals, major churches and other venues across the southern half of England.

Rather than being one fixed group, RSCM Voices (South) draws from a pool of auditioned members for each of its musical commitments. The choir may sing as a full mixed choir, boys and men, upper voices or as a chamber choir. Configuration of the choir for each of its performance opportunities may be dictated by availability, venue and so forth.

Female sopranos of any age are particularly encouraged to apply and also those singers in the transitional age group, boys and girls, from 14 to 21.

Events generally take place on Saturdays and during holidays.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from previous members of RSCM Voices (South) and from new singers who already have some experience in their choirs and promising vocal quality to offer. They should be either members of RSCM affiliated churches or schools or subscribing Friends and Members (Individual or Junior/Student) of the RSCM.

Young singers should be at least nine years old, as long as the voice is promising and they are able to cope physically with a full day’s music-making. Those beginning to prepare seriously for RSCM Bronze standard assessment are likely to be at the right level to begin singing with RSCM Voices (South).

All adult singers must first comply with the RSCM’s Safeguarding procedures.

How do we apply?

You can download the application form here and send it by email to or post to:

RSCM Voices South
19 The Close

Annual subscriptions

RSCM Voices (South) is a self-funding group. The subscription rates are as follows:
Adult: £36
Children (under 18): £20
Individual/junior/student RSCM members receive a 25% discount: £27 for adults and £15 for children.  If more than one family member is joining the choir there is a 50% discount (on the full price) for second person, ie: £18 for additional adult and £10 for each additional child.

Note: The first full price subscription should be the adult’s, unless it is only children from one family applying, eg:
– one adult and one child (£36 + £10 = £46, not £18 + £20 = £38)
– two adults and one child (£36 + £18 + £10)
– two children (£20 + £10 = £30)


For RSCM affiliated choirs who have three or more young people singing with RSCM Voices, the third and all subsequent young singers (under 18s) from the same choir will be eligible for a 50% bursary support.

Bursaries are also available for up to 50% of the subscription cost for young people (under 18s) and those in full-time education.

Bursary details are available from Andrew Robson at


When you have submitted your application form (including your availability) you will begin to receive emails with invitations to various events. The choir’s Director will audition new members individually at some point during those events which are early in the season (eg the Choral Workshops and Training Days). You should obtain and bring along the full music programme for the day, as advertised, and be prepared to join in all rehearsals and the final performance. The dress code for Workshops and Training Days is ‘casual’, but for all other events please bring your choir robes as usually worn and black shoes.

Previous members are expected to re-audition on a rolling 3-year basis, and the arrangements for these auditions will included in the invitations for individual events.

During auditions we are not looking for perfection first time, but rather for enthusiasm and the ability to learn quickly. In addition to singing something from the music for ‘the day’, you may also be given some aural tests and vocal exercises. In all applicants, of all ages, we would expect to see a willingness to work together as a team and to strive for the highest standards of choral singing as represented by the RSCM.

How do we obtain the music we need?

You can order all the pieces you need now from RSCM Music Direct on 0845 021 7726 or (our qualified sales advisor is Matthew Wright).

Go to RSCM Music Direct online shop

Should you have any problems please email

Dates of events 2016/2017

Date Venue Event
17 September Rochester Cathedral Rehearsal day, concluding with evensong
22 October Christchurch Priory Choral evensong
26 November Holy Trinity, Rothwell (nr. Kettering) Advent carols
7 January Peterborough Cathedral Choral evensong
18 February Ely Cathedral Choral evensong
18 March Norwich Cathedral Choral evensong
17 April Rochester Cathedral Choral evensong
6 May Westminster Cathedral Choral vespers
10 June TBA Rehearsal day
22 July Southwark Cathedral Choral evensong
5/6 August Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford Choral services (all weekend)

Programme dates can be found in The Network, and full details will be sent to all applicants.