Where you are

On these pages you will find news of what’s happening near you, including events, festivals, training and Silver and Bronze singing awards. You can also find local contact details and links to RSCM Area websites in the UK and Ireland, including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

RSCM Areas

RSCM Areas provide local training, support, events and singing awards for the membership in the UK and Ireland. Each Area is administered by a voluntary committee, which is accountable to the RSCM Council, and is supported and guided by a Co-ordinator.

Members of Area Committees can find more resources and advice here (you need to be logged in to gain access to this page). If you are having difficulties accessing the volunteer resources, please contact voluntary@rscm.com

For RSCM International events (including North-West Europe and France) please go to the RSCM international page.